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Brooke Macey
Postcard | 2 May 2014

"Don't be afraid to ask for any kind of support when you think you might need it."

Vanessa Edwards
Postcard | 30 Apr 2014

"The most important thing we need to teach our future generations is to stay at school!"

Postcard | 28 Apr 2014

"Education is a challenge at times but the rewards are amazing."



Postcard | 7 Feb 2014

"Knowledge without heart is empty knowledge. Inspire at least one person in your life."

Postcard | 16 Jan 2014

If we can all walk the path of reconciliation, we as Indigenous people of Australia can stand proud, be recognised, heard, respected and valued.

Ange Francis
Postcard | 27 Sep 2013

My aspiration for the future is to become more educated. Education is power.

Postcard | 29 Jul 2013

My mother is my role model. No one person has given so much time, love and dedication towards family and friends.

Photo of Charlie Maher
Postcard | 20 Jun 2013

My mother is my role model. If I didn’t have her in my life, I might’ve gone in a different direction.

Lara Iceton
Postcard | 17 Jun 2013

Aunties in community that have put in hard yards to make a difference for future generations are my role models, like Dr Naree Brown.

Postcard | 14 Jun 2013

I wanted to be a ranger up in northeast Arnhem Land like my father.


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