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Postcard | 29 Apr 2015

I would tell myself to hold my head up high, keep focused on my goals and not get caught up in things that could affect my future in a negative sense.

Postcard | 28 Apr 2015

No matter what situation you are in, rich or poor, you can achieve anything you want.

Postcard | 22 Apr 2015

I think the most important thing we teach future generations is about the Indigenous culture and heritage and how Australia has been shaped over 40 million years.

Postcard | 20 Apr 2015

I think the most important thing to teach is love. Because love gives you the courage to face challenges and obstacles in life.

Tanesha Sant
Postcard | 16 Apr 2015

Being educated won't make you lose your identity. Study hard, be brave and be you!

Isobella Thompson
Postcard | 9 Apr 2015

Take notes, learn the syllabus for each topic and do your homework because it will help you.

Ashlen Foster-Britton
Postcard | 7 Apr 2015

Be well prepared and enjoy the time you have at school because it goes so fast.

Postcard | 2 Apr 2015

Don't stress about little things. Try to cherish the good moments.

Reniat Sandy
Postcard | 30 Mar 2015

Make sure they know we are here for them if they need help.

Donna Waters
Postcard | 17 Mar 2015

Be respectful to your parents and elders and family. Don't be cheeky to your parents and don't take your parents for granted.


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