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Colebrook CDP participant Kerwin Moore and Jason Marriott during the aquaponics project construction phase.
Stories | 3 Dec 2015

Colebrook community in South Australia is taking a creative approach to business and food production by using aquaponics as part of local Community Development Programme (CDP) activities.

Riverland Ranger Karmel Milson and her sons Jack (left) and Kallum.
Stories | 24 Nov 2015

The Riverland Rangers ‘Working on Country’ (WOC) Indigenous ranger programme is not only looking after country but providing much needed employment and self-esteem for local Aboriginal people. 

Community Constables from APY graduate
Stories | 12 Nov 2015

Two young Aboriginal men, with desires to help their respective communities, recently graduated from the South Australian Police Academy and have since returned to their homes in the APY Lands in northern South Australia to serve as Community Constables.

Announcements | 20 Oct 2015

Tenders opened today for a major upgrade of the first section of the 210 kilometre main access road between Pukatja (Ernabella) and Umuwa in South Australia's Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands.

Aboriginal man on a motor bike is herding a group of goats across a dusty plain.
Stories | 17 Sep 2015

Tourism opportunities and feral goat control are just some of the ways the Nipapanha Community Inc. Council and the Nantawarrina rangers it employs are creating jobs and wealth for the local communities.

Indigenous man leaning up against a white van with buildings in the background.
Stories | 4 Aug 2015

In Coober Pedy, school attendance rates have increased thanks to the community working together.

Announcements | 9 Feb 2015

Adelaide’s first Vocational Training & Employment Centre (VTEC) has expanded into regional parts of South Australia, guaranteeing jobs for a total of 325 Indigenous people throughout the state.

Photo of Vince Coulthard - 2015 SA Australia’s Local Hero
Stories | 23 Jan 2015

It is appropriate that Aboriginal Elder Vince Coulthard from Port Augusta is South Australia’s nominee for Australia’s Local Hero 2015.

David Cockram from Maxima Group and Nicole Dwyer from Workskil Australia
Stories | 13 Nov 2014

Job opportunities for Indigenous job seekers in Adelaide improved this past month with the launch of Adelaide’s first Vocational Training and Employment Centre (VTEC).

Announcements | 6 Nov 2014

The Australian Government has formally acknowledged the excision of an area of the Maralinga Tjarutja lands, from Defence's Woomera Prohibited Area in an event held at the Maralinga Village today.


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