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Four black whales swim in a blue sea with a rocky cliff top in the foreground.
Stories | 12 Oct 2017

Forty seven students from Yalata Anangu School and Oak Valley Anangu School were recently rewarded for their good school attendance with a trip to the Head of Bight, South Australia, for a memorable whale watching experience.

Group of people sitting under large rock formation. In the foreground is long grass.
Stories | 28 Sep 2017

The black-footed rock-wallaby (warru) was nearing extinction in northern South Australia until the creation of the Warru Recovery Team, made up of Indigenous rangers and scientists. The recent release of 25 warru into the wild comes at the end of intensive breeding, preservation and feral predator control.

Announcements | 15 Aug 2017

MADEC Australia will provide additional case management services in South Australia and Victoria with a focus on its clients’ social, physical and emotional wellbeing, thanks to a $1,140,212 grant from the Coalition Government.

Announcements | 31 Jul 2017

The Coalition Government will provide $352,739 to support the NPY Women’s Council in its work to address family violence experienced by Indigenous women and children in the NPY region.

Announcements | 26 Jul 2017

The Coalition Government will provide up to $2.76 million for a tailored project to address family violence experienced by Indigenous women and children in the Riverland region as well as southern and northern suburbs of Adelaide.  

Announcements | 25 Jul 2017

Mr Lester OAM, a tireless campaigner and pioneer for Aboriginal rights especially in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytatjara (APY) region, sadly passed away in Alice Springs last week.

Announcements | 20 Jul 2017

Indigenous students and future sports stars will be grabbing top marks thanks to a $4 million investment from the Coalition Government in a new Centre for Aboriginal Excellence and Leadership at the Port Adelaide Football Club AFL Alberton Oval precinct in South Australia. 

Announcements | 1 Jun 2017

The South Australian Government will review the Mintabie Township Lease Agreement in partnership with Anangu Pitjantatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) and the Federal Government.

Announcements | 15 May 2017

I wish to pay tribute to Dr Alice (Alitya) Rigney, a trailblazing education advocate who passed away over the weekend.

Announcements | 28 Feb 2017

Additional culturally appropriate counselling will be available for Indigenous women in Adelaide’s outer northern and outer southern suburbs who are experiencing domestic violence, thanks to a $217,000 grant from the Turnbull Government.


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