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Colleen MacLeod
Postcard | 30 May 2014

"To learn their language, to respect their culture and to keep away from alcohol and drugs or they won't get too far."

Postcard | 16 Jan 2014

If we can all walk the path of reconciliation, we as Indigenous people of Australia can stand proud, be recognised, heard, respected and valued.

Picture of Jayden Dann
Postcard | 13 Jun 2013

My future aspirations are to continue working in education with a range of individuals to help in their professional development and build an awareness of the importance that education has in closing the gap.

Bryte MC
Postcard | 12 Jun 2013

It’s important to grow up with a positive mindset – to get out of the kind of mindset where you think it’s okay to leave school early.

Postcard | 29 Oct 2012

The children I teach are a great inspiration for me. They are so loving unconditionally and they bring joy to me every day.

Postcard | 2 Oct 2012

If it wasn't for the computer I would be a long way from finding my real family (from Trouwunna (Tas), the languange group Pyemirrinner).

Postcard | 13 Sep 2012

Bret and Sid from the AEC WA State Office - Perth

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