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Four women rangers standing next to large green and white banner which says, happy recycling day.
Stories | 6 Feb 2017

The Thamarrurr Women’s Ranger team, working with the community of Wadeye in the Northern Territory, have removed rubbish from their land and coastline and earned cash through recycling in the process.

Two rows of people dressed in blue polo neck shirts in front of a blue roller door; three standing in the back row and three are sitting in the front.
Stories | 2 Feb 2017

Ergonomic Workstation Products is using the Indigenous Procurement Policy to reach new markets and expand their business, providing Australian Government staff with equipment that minimises risks of injury in office environments.

Several Indigenous men working with plants in a greenhouse.
Stories | 31 Jan 2017

The Ramingining Hydroponic Greenhouse is creating an opportunity for locals to gain part time employment from the sale of produce and to learn about new methods of sustainable green farming using technology.

Two Indigenous men working on a landscaping project
Stories | 27 Jan 2017

CDP participants landscaping the existing boat club as part of the Thursday Island Boat Club project.

Indigenous young man dressed in ranger clothing standing near tree with body of water and hills in the background.
Stories | 19 Jan 2017

The Gunggandji Aboriginal Corporation run the Gunggandji Rangers around Yarrabah in northern Queensland and are keeping their country healthy and their connection to country strong.

A group of seven men at a construction site, wearing high-vis vests and hard hats.
Stories | 17 Jan 2017

The Wirrpanda Foundation is mentoring Indigenous job seekers and placing them in meaningful long-term employment in the construction and mining industry.

A large group of Aboriginal people standing out the front of a large shed.
Stories | 10 Jan 2017

Forty years ago, the remote community of Galiwin’ku exported fruit and vegetables, furniture, crocodile skins, fish and timber. Local industry has declined over the years but community members are showing the entrepreneurial spirit of their grandparents and are using the Community Development Programme (CDP) to relaunch some of these industries.

A group of men and women holding certificates while standing in front of heavy machinery and a shed.
Stories | 6 Dec 2016

Community Development Programme (CDP) construction graduates are in demand with construction companies.

Group of people standing in front of Aboriginal, Australian and Torres Strait Islander flags, watching woman in bone grey coloured jacket shake hands with man in grey jacket.
Stories | 14 Nov 2016

The Fields Group, an Indigenous security business, is providing the Commonwealth government with security solutions under the Indigenous Procurement Policy.

Indigenous man in suit standing amongst display of posters and technical equipment.
Stories | 8 Nov 2016

Under the Indigenous Procurement Policy, the Indigenous technology company Nallawilli Technology is providing the Commonwealth government with innovative solutions.