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Ramingining School Attendance Officer (SAO) Peter Buwamba
Stories | 16 May 2014

A significant increase in school attendance from last year has led to Ramingining School becoming the model for other communities seeking increased attendance.

Franklin Kenny, Valeska Pearson and Levinia Namatjira all had 100 percent school attendance last term.
Stories | 2 May 2014

The Remote School Attendance Strategy being implemented by schools is proving successful, with an exponential growth in school attendance in the remote Indulkana Anangu School in South Australia.

Galiwin'ku School Attendance Supervisors and Officers on the first day of school, term 1, 2014.
Stories | 28 Apr 2014

In Galiwin’ku, elders are using their Yolngu culture to get kids excited about school.

Stories | 24 Apr 2014

Indigenous education programme Learn Earn Legend! is empowering Aboriginal youth to finish high school and pursue higher education or fulltime employment, says program co-ordinator and former Wallaby, Jim Williams.

Stories | 22 Apr 2014

Actress Leah Purcell remembers the first day school finally made sense to her. She had written a story for her Year 7 teacher and it came back covered in red ink with a big “See Me” scrawled across the page.

Move It Mob Style hosts Shannon Williams (aka Brothablack) and Naomi Wenitong.
Stories | 16 Apr 2014

Indigenous television production Move It Mob Style has been named one of the five nominees for Most Outstanding Children’s Program at the 56th annual TV Week Logie Awards.

Mark Ella with his wife Kim and daughter Nicole. Nicole has recently been accepted as a practising solicitor by the Supreme Court in Canberra.
Stories | 14 Apr 2014

Growing up in a large family at La Perouse in Sydney, Mark Ella, who is now the head of sport at NITV remembers that his parents always encouraged him and his siblings to make sure that they went to school every day.

Mimili Anangu School Attendance Supervisor Julieanne Campbell
Stories | 11 Apr 2014

Mimili may be a remote community but it’s quickly becoming a centre of education as local children embrace a new love of learning.

Jamaine Crossley
Stories | 28 Mar 2014

Eighteen-year-old Indigenous student Jamaine Crossley is a living legend in his community after becoming the first in his family to finish Year 12 and be accepted into tertiary study, with the support of the Australian Government’s Learn Earn Legend! programme.

Apunipima midwives
Stories | 26 Mar 2014

Five midwives from North Queensland’s Apunipima Cape York Health Council have been given an opportunity to get a Postgraduate Certificate in screening, diagnostics, pharmacology and prescribing for midwives.