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Two Indigenous women standing in front of a palm tree, one wearing a black shirt with Aboriginal design and the other an orange shirt.
Stories | 16 Sep 2015

In the remote town of Derby in Western Australia parents are helping increase school attendance and changing lives at the same time.

Kowanyama Year 5 students make a big ‘splash’ in school attendance and positive behaviour
Stories | 21 Aug 2015

The saying, ‘When you reward good behaviour you get more of it’ was the reason behind an excitement filled trip to Cairns for 21 Year 5 students from Kowanyama State School in Far North Queensland.

Filming Knowledge is Power music video at 2015 Garma Festival
Stories | 13 Aug 2015

Participants in this year’s Garma Youth Forum worked with Indigenous Hip Hop Projects to write and produce a music video about the importance of getting an education, knowledge being power and setting up a good future.

Indigenous man leaning up against a white van with buildings in the background.
Stories | 4 Aug 2015

In Coober Pedy, school attendance rates have increased thanks to the community working together.

Sha-Lane Gibson standing back to back with Rachelle Towart
Stories | 29 Jun 2015

Working hard at school, like 19 year old student Sha-Lane Gibson from Hopevale in Far North Queensland, may lead to you becoming ‘CEO for a Day’ of a large organisation. 

Young Aboriginal girl smiling at camera and other children in background. All are playing on the grass.
Stories | 22 Jun 2015

There was chaos in Kalumburu recently when over 40 students took over the school grounds for Pirate Day as a reward for excellent school attendance. Fortunately for school staff, the pirates’ game of choice was a water bomb fight and no teachers were forced to walk the plank.

Stories | 15 May 2015

The Arrikininga Shirts of the Tiwi Islands are working hard to ensure local children have the best chance of succeeding in life.

Participants in the WEX programme on the steps of the Australian War Memorial with Defence Minister Andrews.
Stories | 12 May 2015

Choosing a career path can be difficult so being exposed to different career options early in your life makes that choice much easier. This was the case for 60 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander year 11 and 12 students who participated in the annual Work Exposure with Government Programme held over four days in March of this year.

Five people walking along a footpath.
Stories | 30 Apr 2015

In Tennant Creek, locals have found that the simple act of walking their kids to school has increased attendance and made children more excited about education.

Two Indigenous men in a radio studio.
Stories | 28 Apr 2015

Doomadgee DJ Sai Matainavora’s breakfast show Respected Doomadgee’s Education is inspiring kids to go to school and winning awards while he’s at it.