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Stories | 7 Sep 2012

Pauline Kent, Indigenous teacher and head of curriculum from the Yarrabah State School near Cairns has received an outstanding achievement award for her innovative financial literacy program, Milba Djunga in the 2012 MoneySmart Week awards announced this week.

Wilcannia's 'Yes I can!' literacy program graduates
Stories | 6 Sep 2012

The Wilcannia community has congratulated the first 10 graduates from the new “Yes I Can!” Indigenous adult literacy program.

Stories | 6 Sep 2012

“Without the assistance of my IBA scholarship I would never have finished my degree, it allowed me the time to concentrate on full time studies and gave me the assurance that my home life was taken care of,” she says.

Nyoongar Patrol senior supervisor Tanya Roe, Perth, WA.
Stories | 6 Sep 2012

It’s safer on the streets with Perth’s Nyoongar Patrol. Every Friday and Saturday night, six Nyoongar Patrol vans can be seen on the busy streets of Perth.

The Wilcannia Boomerangs, Broken Hill Saints, Menindee Yabbies, Parntu Warriors and Broken Hill Geebungs say no to domestic violence.
Stories | 6 Sep 2012

As community service announcements rejecting domestic violence are broadcast on regional New South Wales television this month, Broken Hill Saints club president Paul Kemp couldn’t be prouder.

Anthony McAvoy , winner of the National Indigenous legal Professional Of the Year Award 2010
Stories | 6 Sep 2012

The 2012 Indigenous Legal Professional Award and  Indigenous Law Student Prize Nominations have been extended, and will close on 5 September 2012.

The Attorney-General of Australia, the Hon Nicola Roxon MP, is pleased to announce the Indigenous Legal Professional of the Year Award and the  Indigenous Law Student of the Year Prize.

Indigenous Legal Professional of the Year Nominations for the Indigenous Legal Professional of the Year are open to any Indigenous person who is currently admitted as a solicitor or barrister within Australia.

Kim Scott, with one of the Wirlomin Noongar Language and stories recently translated stories, Perth, WA
Stories | 5 Sep 2012

The once-strong Noongar language is now endangered but action is underway to turn that around.

Robert Smith with his mother Ethel at Derbarl Yerrigan Health Service, Perth, WA
Stories | 4 Sep 2012

Perth mother and son Ethel and Robert Smith attend their local Heart Health program at Derbarl Yerrigan Health Service every week. And according to Robert, one of the best things about Heart Health is that it allows Noongar people across Perth to get together.

Participants and mentors of the Halo Leadership Development Agency, Spearwood, WA
Stories | 4 Sep 2012

Youth outreach organisations play an essential role in finding kids at risk and working with them to carve out a new future.

In the suburbs of Perth, Halo Leadership Development Agency and the David Wirrpanda Foundation use mentoring to reach out to these troubled youth and help them get back on track.

Young Noongar Benji Ugle joined Halo after a visit from the organisation’s founder at his detention centre.

Elder, Richard Wilkes, Perth, WA
Stories | 4 Sep 2012

Discover more about the Noongar community of Perth with this month’s community profile. We’ll be posting a new story every day this week to showcase the great work happening in Perth to Close the Gap.

The Noongar people of Western Australia are one of the nation’s largest and proudest Indigenous groups.

For the last 45,000 years, Noongar people have lived in the south-west of Western Australia. Their country extends from semi-arid wheat belt land in the north, down to coastal Esperance.