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Announcements | 19 Feb 2018

ANSTO is an authority of cutting-edge science, but looked into the past last week, with the completed mural representing significant Indigenous sites that can be found in the bushland surrounding the ANSTO campus in Sydney’s Lucas Heights.

Group of people with backs to us dressed in running wear look at man in grey shirt holding microphone standing in front of a small tent with banners either side saying Closing the Gap and on the tent are the words Run Sweat Inspired.
Stories | 16 Feb 2018

After 10 Closing the Gap reports, a fresh approach is underway to further close the gap in Indigenous disadvantage.

Announcements | 16 Feb 2018

The 2016 Census of Population and Housing reveals that more than half of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young adults are fully engaged in work and study.

Young Aboriginal children sit in and stand next to a series of barrels mounted on wheels.
Stories | 13 Feb 2018

The tiny remote community of Punmu in Western Australia has increased school attendance by taking students to and from school in a train; a barrel train.

Large crowd of Indigenous men and women walking up stairs away from the Aboriginal Tent Embassy bearing Aboriginal flags coloured black on top and red on the bottom with a yellow circle. One man in a black shirt with red and yellow panels carrying a piece
Stories | 12 Feb 2018

A decade since the Apology, we acknowledge the significance of this day, reinforce its intent and look toward to continuing the reconciliation of Australia as a nation.

Image of Australia made of Indigenous style graphic elements. At top left is: The Indigenous Business Sector Strategy
Stories | 12 Feb 2018

Indigenous-led policy to help Indigenous businesses to thrive.

Announcements | 12 Feb 2018

The Coalition Government is today announcing a significant reform in our country’s Indigenous land rights and economic empowerment journey with a new Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Land and Sea Future Fund.

Announcements | 12 Feb 2018

The Coalition Government is putting its money where its mouth is in the way it delivers services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians across the country, with a new Indigenous Grants Policy to increase the number of local Indigenous owned and controlled organisations that deliver services.


Announcements | 12 Feb 2018

Australia’s first comprehensive roadmap for growing the Indigenous business sector – the Indigenous Business Sector Strategy – has been launched today in the next phase of our commitment to supporting Indigenous jobs and small businesses.

Event | 16 May 2018
Townsville QLD

The Queensland Indigenous Family Violence Prevention Forum (QIFVP) is an event dedicated to celebrating the work done by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in preventing and responding to family violence.