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Beswick artists Peter Lindsay and Bruce Hall in front of a mural they created for Beswick’s new store
Stories | 17 Dec 2015

The new community store at Beswick, Northern Territory has created local jobs, including for artists who painted a mural on the store.  

Three Aboriginal men dressed in orange work clothing and standing on red dusty soil next to a building prepare timber for use in construction.
Stories | 10 Sep 2015

A new community store for Jilkminggan means both local jobs and a wider range of healthy goods for sale.

Announcements | 8 Sep 2015

The overwhelming feeling from the Prime Minister’s visit to indigenous communities late last month was optimism. That the tide may be turning and conditions slowly but steadily improving. In the seemingly intractable area of remote indigenous disadvantage, have we turned the corner?

Announcements | 17 Jun 2015

Remote Northern Territory indigenous communities will benefit from $15 million worth of projects to be funded under the Aboriginals Benefit Account (ABA) latest funding round.

Margaret Lindsay in the NT community of Bulman
Stories | 7 Nov 2014

Margaret Lindsay loves living in the remote NT community of Bulman, saying it’s a great place to raise a family.

Announcements | 29 Oct 2014

Aboriginal people living in the Northern Territory will benefit from funding announced for 34 local projects supported by more than $14.8 million from the Aboriginals Benefit Account.

Pormpuraaw's upgraded airstrip.
Stories | 21 Oct 2014

Residents of Pormpuraaw, 900 kilometres west of Cairns on the Gulf of Carpentaria, are resting easier, knowing their connection with the outside world is secure.

A dream job helping others in his community.
Stories | 20 Oct 2014

Clayton Dixon is just the type of person you want handy when something gets broken around your home. Clayton, a 28 year old husband, and father of two sons, works as a Housing Maintenance Officer (HMO) in his home community of Papunya in the Central Desert region of the Northern Territory.

Announcements | 20 Oct 2014

The Northern Territory community of Wutunugurra now has a new community centre and workshop as a result of the Army Aboriginal Community Assistance Programme (AACAP).

Announcements | 14 Oct 2014

Pormpuraaw residents again have access to air services, with the community's airport re-opening to flights.