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Mark Ella with his wife Kim and daughter Nicole. Nicole has recently been accepted as a practising solicitor by the Supreme Court in Canberra.
Stories | 14 Apr 2014

Growing up in a large family at La Perouse in Sydney, Mark Ella, who is now the head of sport at NITV remembers that his parents always encouraged him and his siblings to make sure that they went to school every day.

Mimili Anangu School Attendance Supervisor Julieanne Campbell
Stories | 11 Apr 2014

Mimili may be a remote community but it’s quickly becoming a centre of education as local children embrace a new love of learning.

Announcements | 4 Apr 2014

The Australian Government has finalised most of the 30 schools to be included in the expansion of the Remote School Attendance Strategy from Term 2, 2014.

Announcements | 4 Apr 2014

The Australian Government will invest $25 million over eight years to expand the Stronger Communities for Children (SCfC) programme to an additional five Northern Territory communities from July 2014.

Jamaine Crossley
Stories | 28 Mar 2014

Eighteen-year-old Indigenous student Jamaine Crossley is a living legend in his community after becoming the first in his family to finish Year 12 and be accepted into tertiary study, with the support of the Australian Government’s Learn Earn Legend! programme.

Apunipima midwives
Stories | 26 Mar 2014

Five midwives from North Queensland’s Apunipima Cape York Health Council have been given an opportunity to get a Postgraduate Certificate in screening, diagnostics, pharmacology and prescribing for midwives.

Announcements | 22 Mar 2014

The Government will boost funding for the Remote School Attendance Strategy by $18 million to help ensure every child attends school every day.

Stories | 20 Mar 2014

Getting children to school is the Australian Government’s number one priority for Indigenous people. That’s because going to school and being at school every day gives every child the best chance for a good start in life.

Mornington Island School Attendance Officer Leon Roughsey with his grandson Graham.
Stories | 12 Mar 2014

“I’m really happy to come and do this work, being a School Attendance Officer. I like to pick up kids and talk to them and encourage them to come to school.”

David Peachey standing on the beach.
Stories | 7 Mar 2014

Getting a full education and going to school every day can lead to a bright, happy and successful future, not only for you but your community. This is something that ex-NRL star David Peachey agrees with entirely because receiving an education allowed him to pursue and conquer his goals.