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The Liitle Caravan of Fun stops off in Coober Pedy, SA
Stories | 12 Oct 2012

Aboriginal training organisation Tauondi College is hitting the road to help prevent chronic disease in Indigenous communities across South Australia.

Dr Alanna Sandell conducts a routine health test on Ngarda employee Mel Kelly, Perth, WA.
Stories | 11 Oct 2012

Ngarrindjeri woman Dr Alanna Sandell has made it her life’s work to Close the Gap in Indigenous health in remote Australia.

Stories | 11 Oct 2012

By developing relationships with local health services and having regular health check we can make a difference to our health.

Stories | 9 Oct 2012

Looks at the importance of having regular health checks and developing relationships with your local health centre.

Rumbalara Aboriginal Cooperative Aged Care and Disability Services executive manager Lena Morris, Shepparton, VIC.
Stories | 24 Sep 2012

After 18 years of hard work, Yorta Yorta woman Lena Morris said the elders of the Shepparton region in Goulburn Valley, Victoria finally have the aged care facility they always wanted.

Stories | 13 Sep 2012

“We’re saying ‘this is what we want for our family’. As we’ve gotten older, we’ve had enough and that’s why we speak out.”

Stories | 13 Sep 2012

It’s so much easier to make decisions when you’re sober and you’ve got a clear head.

Youth alcohol
Stories | 12 Sep 2012

Looks at how our young people are overcoming alcohol and drug problems.

Nyoongar Patrol senior supervisor Tanya Roe, Perth, WA.
Stories | 6 Sep 2012

It’s safer on the streets with Perth’s Nyoongar Patrol. Every Friday and Saturday night, six Nyoongar Patrol vans can be seen on the busy streets of Perth.

The Wilcannia Boomerangs, Broken Hill Saints, Menindee Yabbies, Parntu Warriors and Broken Hill Geebungs say no to domestic violence.
Stories | 6 Sep 2012

As community service announcements rejecting domestic violence are broadcast on regional New South Wales television this month, Broken Hill Saints club president Paul Kemp couldn’t be prouder.