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Announcements | 30 Mar 2017

The Coalition Government will provide the Northern Territory Government with an additional $70 million to support the delivery of services that will increase community safety in the Territory.

Announcements | 28 Mar 2017

A discussion starter about end of life care, specifically developed for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, was launched at Parliament House by the Minister for Aged Care and Minister for Indigenous Health, Ken Wyatt.

Announcements | 17 Mar 2017

The Hon Jane Prentice MP, Assistant Minister for Social Services and Disability Services, will today launch the NDIA Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Engagement Strategy and Rural and Remote Strategy in Cairns.

Announcements | 16 Mar 2017

Immunisation is the most significant public health intervention in the past 200 years because it provides a safe and effective way to prevent the spread of many diseases that cause hospitalisation, serious ongoing health conditions and sometimes death.

Announcements | 14 Mar 2017

The historic first sale of a publicly-owned house to a private owner under the Sale of Remote Housing Policy in a remote Northern Territory community has been completed today.

Three Indigenous women and one Indigenous man stand together outside, at the launch of the Torres Strait and Kaurareg Aboriginal Peoples’ Healing Strategy.
Stories | 14 Mar 2017

The launch of the Torres Strait and Kaurareg Aboriginal Peoples’ Healing Strategy is a vital step towards addressing the colonisation-related trauma affecting Torres Strait communities.

Announcements | 8 Mar 2017

My Life, My Lead is a new online public consultation portal to highlight the issues that support or impede Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to have good health.

Announcements | 3 Mar 2017

The full Federal Court has today handed down its decision in the case of the Minister of Indigenous Affairs & Anor v MJD Foundation Limited, finding in favour of the MJD Foundation.

Announcements | 1 Mar 2017

Primary Health Networks are being encouraged to consider the skills of the National Aboriginal Controlled Community Health Organisation and Aboriginal Community Controlled Health groups to assist delivering innovative health programs to Close the Gap in health outcomes.

Two Indigenous adult women, one dressed in light grey shirt and holding a child dressed in white clothes, the other in a dark grey shirt.
Stories | 28 Feb 2017

Outcare provides rehabilitation services in Western Australia designed to help people released from prison break the cycle of re-offending - a service which benefits the individual and the entire community.