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Postcard | 11 Oct 2012

My role models who inspire me include my mother and my aunt, elders in the community and fellow Indigenous youth.

Postcard | 10 Oct 2012

I am constantly inspired by the amazing people in communities who are so welcoming and willing to share their culture with me.

Postcard | 9 Oct 2012

I would like to see more Aboriginal people recognised by the wider community, and to see our people building good careers.

Stories | 9 Oct 2012

Looks at the importance of having regular health checks and developing relationships with your local health centre.

Postcard | 5 Oct 2012

I would like to see the community growing and to learn more about their culture.

Referee's at the NSW 2012 Aboriginal Rugby League Knockout
Stories | 5 Oct 2012

More than 20,000 people cheered the Newcastle Yowies to grand final victory at the 2012 Aboriginal Rugby League Knockout.

2012 Red Ochre Award winner Warren H. Williams, NSW
Stories | 4 Oct 2012

Leading Australian country musician Warren H Williams talks about his music and his work combatting high Indigenous suicide levels.

Postcard | 4 Oct 2012

I would like to see Aboriginal people making inroads into how to better work together.

Postcard | 3 Oct 2012

I would like to see our kids growing up happy – all in good positions, working and having happy lives.

Postcard | 2 Oct 2012

 Strong, community-minded Aboriginal women inspire me.