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An Indigenous young man and young woman wearing safety tops and an older man dressed in light shirt and dark trousers stand in front of small white van parked in front of yellow building with dark green roller door. Letters on the car door are A.S.A.P.
Stories | 22 May 2017

Several long-term unemployed Aboriginal people in Tasmania, after being given full-time work as part of the National Broadband Network, have demonstrated an increase in confidence and self-esteem as well as the ability to engage with others and take responsibility in the work place.

Woman in pale shirt and dark vest standing in front of Indigenous artwork featuring blue, green, black and ochre coloured elements. A man is to her left dressed in pale shirt and dark jumper standing in front of pale, featureless background.
Stories | 18 May 2017

Indigenous young adults Cassie Moad and Josh Doble have set their feet securely on exciting career paths with Employment Parity Initiative (EPI) Partner, Crown Resorts.

Young Aboriginal woman in red shirt sits in an office with equipment and her colleague in the background. The floor is grey and the walls green in colour.
Stories | 12 May 2017

Corrina Ross is a young Aboriginal woman from Palm Island in Queensland who was worried she would have to leave home to get a job. But thanks to the Australian Government’s Community Development Programme (CDP), Corrina gained the skills required to get a job to stay on Palm Island and contribute to her community’s future.

A large expanse of water is populated by low lying sandy islands with the edge of a salt pan in the distance just below the horizon.
Stories | 8 May 2017

Record summer rains have greened the desert, turned salt pans into lakes, created breeding grounds for thousands of water birds from the Western Australian seacoast, and added to the duties of the Punmu Rangers of the Western Desert.

Montage of four pictures featuring an Indigenous man dressed in safety work wear, two Indigenous people in restaurant kitchen, Indigenous woman behind leafy vegetable and Indigenous man in brimmed hat.
Stories | 2 May 2017

Comments are being sought on the draft Indigenous Business Sector Strategy which proposes new initiatives to create a vibrant and thriving Indigenous business sector, including better access to support services, improved access to finance and stronger networks.

Indigenous woman - Sandra Gillman - sits in the cab of a front end loader wearing yellow and blue safety clothing.
Stories | 2 May 2017

Sandra Gillman joined the Community Development Programme (CDP) to develop her skills and gain employment. Through her participation in the Kuranda Amphitheatre upgrade she has found a new career path and new CDP family.

Large group of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in a carpeted room facing the camera, some dressed as rangers are holding certificates of achievement.
Stories | 27 Apr 2017

The health and preservation of the Great Barrier Reef is set to increase after the Yuku-Baja-Muliku Rangers gained their Certificate IV in Government Statutory Compliance, giving them the necessary tools and legal support to protect it.

An Indigenous woman in grey and white top sits on steps of bus while another Indigenous woman in apricot dress stands next to her. Words on the bus include Challenge Yourself, Believe, enVizion and Be Strong.
Stories | 19 Apr 2017

enVizion, a Cairns-based training organisation, is using innovative methods like virtual reality to inspire and motivate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in remote communities to access education and employment training.

Group of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people standing in and outside of a green shed with a cross on top.
Stories | 10 Apr 2017

Using material sourced from the local landfill, the Northern Territory community of Manyallaluk came together to build a church so parishioners can worship in comfort.

Indigenous woman in white top and black jacket with non-Indigenous man dressed in suit and tie stand in front of wall covered with blue, white and green Indigenous designs
Stories | 24 Mar 2017

When Kristy Stanton became AccorHotels’ first Indigenous General Manager, her appointment marked a milestone for the company’s Employment Parity Initiative, which reached over 500 employees nationally at the end of 2016.