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Trip to Darwin broadens education opportunities for young Ngukurr women


A group of young Indigenous women and their female supervisor standing near a body of water and trees.
Basketball playing schoolgirls from Ngukurr learned about the educational opportunities available to them in Darwin
24 Jan 2017

With attendance rates rising in remote community schools around Australia, we are already starting to see the results of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children receiving quality education as they dream of a better future for them, their families and their communities.

In Ngukurr, 22 high achieving local schoolgirls braved a very long and uncomfortable 640 kilometre bus ride to Darwin for a basketball competition and to explore future academic opportunities.

The trip was a reward for regular school attendance and their positive participation in basketball matches. The students, eager to learn about future education opportunities, visited several boarding schools, Charles Darwin University (CDU) and Government House.

They also met with local Aboriginal women who spoke about their experiences working towards successful careers and being role models for young women in their own communities. The women highlighted the importance of attending school every day so they have more choices for further study and good jobs.

Sixteen year old Alexis Rogers was a member of the group visiting Darwin. Alexis, who was born in Katherine but has lived most of her life in Ngukurr, said she was really enjoying the trip.

“The basketball tournament was really fun but I particularly liked the visit to Charles Darwin University. I want to study law there with the long term plan of returning to Ngukurr to help my community,” Alexis said. 

The young women embraced the opportunity to learn more about future study and career options in Darwin. Alexis believes the trip really broadened her outlook at life.

“I’ve learnt a lot during this trip; about leadership, life goals and opportunities to further my education.”

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The Australian Government is committed to improving education outcomes and opening pathways to stable careers for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

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