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Taking the first step leads to positive changes for Evonne


A middle-aged Indigenous woman in green shirt and head covering stands in front of a stainless steel bench with a white tiled wall in the background covered in powerpoints and a poster about fruit and vegetales.
Evonne Gonayuway in the kitchen of the Aged Care facility where she works.
19 Sep 2017

In the small remote community of Yurrwi, located off the north coast of Central Arnhem Land, and 440 km east of Darwin, community members are taking steps to follow their aspirations.

By working closely with local Community Development Programme (CDP) provider, the Arnhem Land Progress Aboriginal Corporation (ALPA), Evonne Gonayuway saw the benefits of actively participating in CDP activities.

Evonne gained experience working with other members of the community, including police and rangers, along with families and children to encourage school attendance.

’The programme helped me learn about working in a team environment. I learnt about routine and work structures,’ Evonne said.

‘It felt good working together with other people in the community to achieve good things. I learnt work skills. I got to understand about work guidelines and time management.’

‘My CDP provider helped me make changes in my life. They helped me get the skills I needed to get a job. They referred me to a job because I was attending my activities and working hard. They also helped me with my application. I’m proud to get this job and I want to keep it for a long time.’

Liam Flanagan is ALPA’s General Manager of Community Services.

‘We support many job seekers in the region like Evonne. We know that CDP participants want to be active, participate and contribute back to their communities,’ Liam said.

‘Sometimes taking the first step is hard, so we provide encouragement, reassurance and ongoing support to help them follow their aspirations.’

Evonne is a great example of what people can achieve if they put their minds to it.

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The Australian Government’s Community Development Programme (CDP) is creating better opportunities for job seekers in remote Australia and strengthening remote economies.

To find out about CDP activities in your area, contact your local Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet Regional Network office.

ALPA is a CDP provider operating in the Arnhem Land region of the Northern Territory.

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