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Steven Oliver shares for R U OK? Day

14 Sep 2017

A familiar but unexpected face is urging everyone to support others that are struggling, to reconnect with lost friends, and reach out to people you’re worried about.

Recognised more often as the funny guy on Black Comedy, Steven Oliver turns to a very serious message to share in his other role as an R U OK? Day Ambassador.

Campaigning for better mental health and wellbeing is a big and important job.

Suicide rates are twice as high for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population than the wider community. Rates for Indigenous males were highest among those aged 30-34 years, 2.8 times higher than for non-Indigenous males. This is a really concerning statistic for Steven, and drives him to tell his story and encourage people to connect, to check in and ask R U OK?

He believes we all have what it takes to make a difference.

“We’re meant to connect as people. We’re meant to talk,” Steven said.

“Sometimes you don’t even realise, if you just sit there and you just have a chat to someone and you make them giggle, that they’ve been sitting there feeling very lonely.

“But you walk away and they feel much better. They remember something about life that they appreciate.”

Watch Steven’s full length interview for more of his story, and advice on how to ask R U OK?


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14 September is the 9th  R U OK? Day, a national day of action to encourage people to reconnect with someone you’ve lost touch with, reach out to anyone you’re worried about, and make a commitment to be there for others throughout the year.

R U OK? is a suicide prevention charity that encourages Australians to connect with people around them and support anyone struggling with life.

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