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Sky’s the limit for Indigenous owned ICT business, Gulanga


Man with moustache and goatee beard wearing glasses, a blue shirt and dark blue suit stands in front of green foliage.
Director Craig Dukes of Indigenous owned ICT business Gulanga
21 Sep 2017

The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector is a highly competitive industry, especially when you are competing with some of the world’s largest tech companies.

Canberra based Indigenous owned ICT business Gulanga, works with the Australian Government at all levels, to deliver ICT solutions through a network of consultants, solution architects and industry experts. A number of Australian Government agencies have selected Gulanga to deliver hardware, software and IT services and the company also enjoys a growing number of long term contracts.

Some of the success in gaining these contracts has come about through the Australian Government’s Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP).

Aboriginal owner and Director of Gulanga, Craig Dukes said the IPP is a unique way to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander entrepreneurs and businesses to participate strongly in extremely competitive environments, like the ICT industry.  

‘We are pleased that Indigenous businesses can now compete with multinationals and other large players. For us, this has enabled us to become one of only a few companies that can provide PROTECTED level ASD Certified cloud services to the Australian Government,’ Craig said.

Inspired by its success through the IPP, Gulanga is also focussed on promoting the ICT industry as a career of choice for young Indigenous people.

The company has successfully mentored a young Indigenous person into the sector and is now looking at other ways to create meaningful career pathways.

‘This industry should be a growth area for our people as it offers so many opportunities to succeed,’ Craig said.

‘I engaged some highly skilled and experienced ICT professionals to help me grow the business to a stage where Gulanga is able to provide ongoing career opportunities for Indigenous people.’

Importantly, Gulanga has maintained links back to community and has actively been set up to provide investment back to Aboriginal people.

Gulanga has supported Canberra’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Basketball Club, the Warriors and is also working with a local school to fund the installation of technology that supports children with hearing loss.

‘Our Surplus Assets to Social Benefit program is another initiative of great social value,’ Craig said.

‘Our desire is to build a successful and profitable ICT company that provides real opportunity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, not only within the business but also by providing a percentage of our profits to support community initiatives.’

Looking to the future, Gulanga hopes to continue to develop its business, while also contributing to the growth of the sector, by combining the world’s oldest continuing culture, with the newest contemporary solutions.

“We see the IPP generating a future with numerous success stories of Indigenous ICT professionals and we plan to be at the forefront of making that happen.”

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The Australian Government’s Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP)  is a mandatory procurement-connected policy under the legislative instrument of the Commonwealth Procurement Rules.

The purpose of the IPP is to leverage the Commonwealth’s annual multi-billion procurement spend to drive demand for Indigenous goods and services, stimulate Indigenous economic development and grow the Indigenous business sector.

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