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Promoting understanding across cultures creates inclusive workplaces


Indigenous man in light coloured shirt stands in front of green tree
Managing Director Jason Elsegood of NT Indigenous owned business Cross Cultural Consultants
29 Sep 2017

Jason Elsegood is a proud Aboriginal man of Limilngan and Jingili heritage. Through his business, Cross Cultural Consultants (CCC), Jason educates other employers to work across cultures, deliver community engagement and build inclusive workplaces that promote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander talent.

“CCC has delivered Indigenous cross-cultural training, community development and stakeholder engagement for the past 28 years. We recognised the reluctance of many people to engage effectively with Indigenous people, communities and organisations, based on apprehension and a lack of knowledge about how to connect with Indigenous people.”

Based in the Northern Territory, CCC frequently encounters business owners who want to do better in terms of Indigenous employment but just don’t know how. Jason encourages these business owners to think about their own heritage in order to open their minds to the barriers Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people encounter in their workplaces.

‘If people can examine their own cultural backgrounds, they will see how culture can impact on their beliefs, values, attitudes and behaviours as well as of those around them.’’

Jason is also the Chair of the Northern Territory Indigenous Business Network. He has a long history working with communities and organisations to develop services that focus on increasing opportunities for First Australians. Over the years, Jason has built an extensive network of contacts in Indigenous Australia that span various sectors and communities across the country.

‘We also have a strong focus on community engagement, and believe in the importance of working with communities, alongside key stakeholders, in the delivery of policy and services.’

CCC has won several sub-contracts under the Australian Government’s Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP) and is a strong example of a small-to-medium enterprise delivering high quality services to all levels of government.

Jason believes that the IPP is a key policy supporting business growth for Indigenous businesses like CCC and many others.

‘The IPP helps Indigenous businesses to overcome negative stereotypes surrounding Aboriginal people, and helps provide opportunities for more of these businesses to succeed in the future.’

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Through the IPP, the Australian Government is tapping into the extraordinary capabilities within the Indigenous Business Sector. Further information is available at Indigenous Procurement Policy.

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