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New skills for a bright future


An Indigenous woman dressed in brown dress holds three items of jewellery made from feathers and sticks. In the background are shelves holding painted tins.
Monawuy showcasing her creative skills
13 Jun 2017

Monawuy (pronounced Mon-a-wooy) lives in the coastal community in the East Arnhem Land Region of the Northern Territory and is a woman with a positive attitude and determination to build a better life for herself and her family.  

Monawuy participates in the Community Development Programme (CDP) and by combining her cultural practices with her new skills she has gained more confidence and independence.  

“I’ve learnt many skills through the CDP such as making jewellery, cooking, sewing, first aid and how to use the computer” Monawuy said.

“I’m also learning to drive so I can drive my family to places. My favourite activity is fishing and hunting because I can take the fish and bush food home to my family. I also like to make jewellery to sell at Garma Festival and markets to make extra money.”

Indigenous woman dresed in black and gold top and orange skirt on beach holding up a fish on the end of a fishing line.
Fishing is a favourite activity and a source of food for Monawuy's family.

Debbi Martin from Miwatj Employment and Participation, the local CDP provider, has seen many positive changes to the lives of CDP participants like Monawuy.

“The CDP is providing opportunities to connect, learn, share and lead,” Debbie said.

“Our participants are happier people. It’s nice to also see the women in our program find confidence to define and achieve their own success. We are helping them make positive change by providing the right tools, connections and support networks.”

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The Australian Government’s Community Development Programme (CDP) is creating better opportunities for job seekers in remote Australia and strengthening remote economies.

To find out about CDP activities in your area, contact your local Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet Regional Network office.

CDP provider Miwatj Employment and Participation operates in several regions in Northern Territory.