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Lake Argyle swim for young Pilbara lifeguards


6 adults (2 female and 4 male / 3 Aboriginal) dressed in blue shirts featuring Indigenous designs stand in front of a white car on grass with trees in the background.
Taking on Lake Argyle from left: Tim Turner (Department of Communities), Lifeguard Maliriko Bule-Turner, Talent Pool Co-Ordinator Pida Bule-Turner, RLSSWA Board Member Vaughan Davies, Lifeguard Evenis Doolah and RLSSWA's Greg Tate. (Photo courtesy of the Royal Life Saving Society Western Australia.)
14 May 2018

Pida Bule-Turner, Maliriko Bule-Turner and Evenis Doolah have just swum across Lake Argyle, Australia’s second largest freshwater man-made reservoir.

This is an amazing feat for the three youth from Port Hedland in Western Australia because they have only recently taken up swimming.

Late last year, they signed up for the Talent Pool program which assists Aboriginal youth throughout the Pilbara to gain aquatic based qualifications. But it is also an Aboriginal youth engagement, training and employment program which has achieved massive success in helping young people into work.

The program is delivered by the Royal Life Saving Society Western Australia (RLSSWA).

Pida, Maliriko and Evenis completed the course in January this year, which included gaining their Bronze Medallion, pool lifeguard and first aid qualifications.

To celebrate this success, they joined forces with, amongst others, RLSSWA General Manager Greg Tate to complete this massive swim across Lake Argyle.

‘Preparing for the swim took many months of hard work and training,’ Greg said.

‘The commitment and effort from Pida, Evenis and Mali on the day was incredible, considering none had ever competed in an open water swim previously. RLSSWA expect these role models will encourage greater Indigenous participation in future swims.’

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Ensuring the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth and getting them onto a pathway to full employment is a priority for the Australian Government.

More information about the Talent Pool program is available at Top talent in Port Hedland.

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