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ArrowFM: Open for business


Corinne Wallis, General Manager of ArrowFM
27 Oct 2015

The Commonwealth Government’s Indigenous Procurement Policy is creating new opportunities for small and medium Indigenous enterprises to participate in government business.

Under the policy, the Australian Government has committed to award three per cent of all new domestic Commonwealth contracts to Indigenous businesses by 2019-20.

One of those benefiting is start-up company ArrowFM which was set up by Wiradjuri man Djali Bloomfield in partnership with his cousin Brendan Read from Affinity Electrical.

It is still only early days for the facilities management company based in north Canberra but the policy has helped them deal with many of the challenges that small businesses can face.

Corinne Wallis is the General Manager of ArrowFM, she recently moved to Canberra to take up her role with the company.

“As a start-up company it’s invaluable, it is giving us access to government procurement officers,” Corinne said.

Corrine was pleased to be able to share ArrowFM’s story and how they have grown since their joint venture with Affinity. Joint ventures under the policy are encouraged as they support skills transfer and provide valuable experience and expertise.

“It is reassuring to know that you have a support network of other Indigenous owned companies who you can work with and rely on. We are operating as separate corporate entities but at the same time working together to increase opportunities for Indigenous people, Indigenous businesses and communities.”

Corinne recently took part in an Indigenous business presentation to a room full of Commonwealth procurement officers in Canberra to showcase Arrow FM and the way they do business.

“Part of my job is to go out and talk to people about Arrow quite often, and today I was given a great opportunity to talk to government procurement officers and spread the message that ArrowFM is open for business," Corinne said.

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The Indigenous Procurement Policy is focused on strengthening the Indigenous business sector and increasing employment opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

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