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AGMP helping Aboriginal organisations help each other


A group of Indigenous men dressed in traditional costume
The Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association (CAAMA) is one Aboriginal organisation that works with the Aboriginal Governance and Management Program (AGMP).
8 Dec 2015

For Aboriginal communities to be strong, with local jobs and sustainable services operating, their local Aboriginal organisations must also be strong. Their governance and management must be sound and their board must be responsive to the complexities of running organisations in the twenty-first century, which can be difficult for some smaller, remote communities where board members may not have English as a first language.

Northern Territory Aboriginal organisations are getting the assistance they need thanks to the Aboriginal Governance and Management Program (AGMP), an initiative of the Aboriginal Peak Organisations Northern Territory (APONT).

With funding support from the Australian Government, AGMP is an Aboriginal-run programme which has developed long term relationships with Aboriginal organisations around the Northern Territory. Michael Robertson, Chief Executive Officer of the Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association (CAAMA), has seen the benefit that AGMP has been to some Aboriginal organisations.

“AGMP is playing a key role in governance,” Michael said.

“While CAAMA is well established and does not require assistance, there’s nowhere else for Aboriginal organisations, particularly small, remote Aboriginal organisations, to go for help on governance and management issues.”

There are lots of nuances in Aboriginal organisations throughout the NT that wouldn’t be caught by non-Aboriginal management consultants and that’s where AGMP fits in; they can provide niche support,” he said.

AGMP offers a range of management support services, from sustained support for organisations to establishing a support network for senior managers, including forums and conference calls, to ensure Aboriginal organisations have strong management.   

As head of a large Aboriginal organisation, Michael sees AGMP’s work as a way to mentor senior managers and directors of smaller, remote organisations.  

“Organisations based in remote communities are incredibly important to that community,” Michael said.

“Not only are they the source of services and jobs in the community but building their governance and management strength helps those organisations set up businesses and win contracts, further building the local economy.”

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Good governance is critical for organisations to achieve their goals and make a strong contribution to their communities. Strong community organisations help to create local employment opportunities and economic growth.

Working with leaders, communities, individuals and employers to get adults into work is one of the Australian Government’s key Indigenous Affairs priorities.

The Aboriginal Governance and Management Program works with Northern Territory Aboriginal organisations to build on their strengths, without ignoring their limitations.

In addition, the Australian Government agency the Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations (ORIC) provides a range of support and advice to Indigenous corporations.

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