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Achieving reconciliation through business


Man in yellow high visibility vest and white hard hat turning sausages on BBQ in front of PSG Holdings site and a building site. 2nd man on right side in high vis vest with back turned.
PSG Holdings staff feeding the team at a building site BBQ
24 Jan 2018

Starting out as a commercial cleaning company, PSG Holdings expanded into construction after Founder, Troy Rugless teamed up with his cousin and Co-Founder, Shane Jacobs to expand the business. Their motto is ‘Achieving Reconciliation Through Business’, and that is exactly what they are doing.

PSG is a 100% Indigenous owned and 27% of their employees across Australia are Indigenous. ’It’s pretty rare these days to have a 100% owned Indigenous company this large,’ said Mark Coleman, CEO of PSG Holdings.

Whilst PSG is a for-profit business, it undertakes activities that are not-for-profit in approach, such as mentoring other Indigenous businesses across the country. Mentees include would-be competitors. ’If you look out in the corporate market you wouldn’t see many businesses promoting other businesses that could become a threat to them. So, that’s our difference and our clients like that,’ according to Mark.

Reflecting on the impact of the Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP), Mark believes that the IPP has accelerated the growth of PSG. ‘If we were a normal business with no [Indigenous Procurement] Policy to help us grow, we wouldn’t be in the position we are in. I would say conservatively it has fast-tracked our business by about 10 years.’

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For further details on the Indigenous Procurement Policy, please visit the IPP website.

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