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An Indigenous young man and an Indigenous young woman wearing dark polo neck shirts stand each side of a logo which says 'NRL One Community' with an Indigenous design in the background.
Stories | 17 Feb 2017

The NRL was recognised on the international stage for their School to Work Program at the annual Beyond Sport Awards in London.

A large truck belonging to TEABBA Media is covered with Indigenous dot patterns.
Stories | 16 Feb 2017

The Top End Aboriginal Bush Broadcasting Association (TEABBA) has purchased a new multi-purpose vehicle to better help Northern Territory remote communities. This was made possible through a grant from the Aboriginals Benefit Account (ABA).

Indigenous man in blue shirt and jeans with Indigenous women in black top and white striped black skirt standing in front of MEP office.
Stories | 15 Feb 2017

As a young Indigenous employment organisation, Miwatj Employment and Participation (MEP) in far North East Arnhem Land  is committed to its staff development and has capitalised on the opportunity for skills transfer from the Jarwun secondment program.

Aboriginal woman wearing glasses, a dark jacket and scarf covered with Indigenous designs
Stories | 14 Feb 2017

Dr Vanessa Lee tells of her journey from teaching to studying to become a doctor and of being the first Aboriginal woman to graduate from medicine at Griffith University.

Man in hat teaches four Indigenous students in hats and maroon shirts how to start a fire
Stories | 10 Feb 2017

The MacFarlane Primary School in Katherine, Northern Territory increased school attendance by engaging students through the introduction of an Indigenous cultural program which presents subjects such as science and geography from an Indigenous perspective.

A group photograph of eight members of the North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency (NAAJA).
Stories | 8 Feb 2017

The North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency (NAAJA) is providing high quality, accessible and culturally relevant support to Indigenous prisoners and juvenile detainees at the Darwin Correctional Centre and Don Dale Juvenile Detention Centre, from initial contact with correctional services until successful reintegration with the community.

Indigenous woman dressed in black prepares multiple food dishes on stainless steel bench with fellow chefs in the background.
Stories | 7 Feb 2017

Seven Aboriginal Certificate III Hospitality students from TAFE Western Wilcannia have returned from the Kambarang food festival in triumph, where they not only built their skills for future employment, but showcased their passion for food to some of the world’s best chefs.

Four women rangers standing next to large green and white banner which says, happy recycling day.
Stories | 6 Feb 2017

The Thamarrurr Women’s Ranger team, working with the community of Wadeye in the Northern Territory, have removed rubbish from their land and coastline and earned cash through recycling in the process.

Two rows of people dressed in blue polo neck shirts in front of a blue roller door; three standing in the back row and three are sitting in the front.
Stories | 2 Feb 2017

Ergonomic Workstation Products is using the Indigenous Procurement Policy to reach new markets and expand their business, providing Australian Government staff with equipment that minimises risks of injury in office environments.

Several Indigenous men working with plants in a greenhouse.
Stories | 31 Jan 2017

The Ramingining Hydroponic Greenhouse is creating an opportunity for locals to gain part time employment from the sale of produce and to learn about new methods of sustainable green farming using technology.