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Announcements | 19 Apr 2018

Three Aboriginal corporations across Northern Australia are set to develop innovative land and water enterprise opportunities as part of a pilot project supported by a $1.25 million investment.

Announcements | 17 Apr 2018

Applications are open for the 2018 Indigenous Apprenticeships Programme.

Announcements | 28 Mar 2018

Fulfilling the promise of working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians, the Coalition Government has today introduced new Bills into Parliament to ensure the financial sustainability of the Indigenous Land Corporation and allow it to unlock economic opportunities in sea and water country.

Announcements | 23 Mar 2018

The Coalition Government is announcing that the NSW Aboriginal Land Council (NSWALC) will be delivering the first Indigenous Business and Employment Hub, as part of our commitment to create more opportunities for Indigenous businesses and grow the sector.

Announcements | 1 Mar 2018

Seventeen Indigenous rangers have been authorised to take on marine Inspector duties as part of a ground breaking initiative of the Coalition Government delivered by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority.

Announcements | 28 Feb 2018

Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Nigel Scullion welcomed the passage of legislation in the House of Representatives establishing the new position of Indigenous Commissioner at the Productivity Commission.

Announcements | 27 Feb 2018

Applications are now open for the next funding round of the Aboriginals Benefit Account (ABA).

Announcements | 26 Feb 2018

The Coalition Government is launching a new bespoke financial product to assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander construction and engineering businesses win contracts.

Announcements | 16 Feb 2018

The 2016 Census of Population and Housing reveals that more than half of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young adults are fully engaged in work and study.

Announcements | 12 Feb 2018

The Coalition Government is today announcing a significant reform in our country’s Indigenous land rights and economic empowerment journey with a new Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Land and Sea Future Fund.