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Minister Scullion: New community centre and workshop for Wutunugurra

20 Oct 2014

The Northern Territory community of Wutunugurra now has a new community centre and workshop as a result of the Army Aboriginal Community Assistance Programme (AACAP).

The completed buildings were presented by Major Henry Stimson to the community today as a legacy of the joint annual initiative involving the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, which provides up to $6 million per year, and the Army, which contributes significant personnel and equipment resources to deliver the works.

Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Nigel Scullion, said the project was an example of the many tangible benefits delivered through AACAP.

“Each year, AACAP provides a new project that targets improvements in housing, essential services, infrastructure, health and vocational training,” Minister Scullion said.

“It is a partnership between the Australian Government and the communities involved to improve primary and environmental health and living conditions in remote areas.

“The new community centre will provide the people of Wutunugurra with indoor public meeting rooms and consultation rooms that will support community leadership, management and planning.

“Its function as an arts and crafts facility and its outdoor covered playground will promote social inclusion and encourage kids to get outside, play and be healthy.

“And the workshop will be a new space for Remote Jobs in Communities Programme participants to conduct their work wrecking and repairing vehicles.”

Assistant Minister for Defence, Stuart Robert, said this year’s AACAP had been another successful activity.

“The soldiers of the 6th and 17th Brigades leave this year’s AACAP proud that they have achieved a project that will support the community into a strong future,” Assistant Minister Robert said.

“As a key meeting point, the community centre symbolises the work done by the Army over the last five months to deliver infrastructure and services through a co-operative approach.

“The community centre was the most significant item delivered under AACAP this year, both in terms of duration and effort.

“Another exciting outcome is that AACAP has benefited the Army as well as the Wutunugurra community.

“Soldiers who delivered AACAP this year were required to engage and train community members, improving their employability, while the Army was able to assess in a deployed context the abilities of participating engineers, tradesmen, logisticians and medical practitioners.”

The cost to construct the community centre was $1.4 million, and $190,000 for the workshop, not including Army’s personnel and logistic costs to undertake the project.

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