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Minister Scullion: $1.1m for Dumbartung to support at-risk Indigenous youth

25 Jul 2017

Operating out of an abandoned Catholic orphanage in Perth, the Dumbartung Aboriginal Corporation‘s social and cultural programmes have become a cornerstone of the local Indigenous community.

Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Nigel Scullion, today sat down with Selina and Robert Eggington at Dumbartung to listen to the issues facing young Indigenous people in the community and announce new long-term funding for this vital Nyoongah organisation.

“Selina and Robert are pioneers in their community. It is great to see their resolve to reach out to as many young Aboriginal people in the community as they can,” Minister Scullion said.

“To help support their vital work, the Coalition Government is investing $1.1 million in Dumbartung through until 2020.

“This funding will enable Dumbartung to continue its work with young Indigenous people in the region, helping them to maintain a strong sense of self-worth and cultural appreciation.

“Dumbartung will deliver important services including informal counselling and mentoring using cultural and artistic programmes that engage young people, their families and communities.

“Young Indigenous Australians will be supported to develop the skills and confidence to deal with the challenges they may face in their lives, from seeking employment to helping their communities handle complex issues like substance abuse, mental illness and suicide.”

Dumbartung Aboriginal Corporation executive officer, Robert Eggington, welcomed the Government's funding, saying it would enable the corporation to continue its work in vital areas that impact on the lives of young Aboriginal people.

“Dumbartung Aboriginal Corporation has worked in the Aboriginal community for more than three decades and has been instrumental in delivering services that are directly within the coalface of the needs of the community,” Mr Eggington said.

“Dumbartung focuses primarily on the cultural and social wellbeing of our young people and their specific challenges and needs. The organisation uniquely develops initiatives that have strong cultural foundations and further promotes this within frameworks of art-based cultural therapy programmes.

“This funding will allow us to develop crucial work in the area of post-suicide prevention and support families who have suffered the trauma of the loss of their loved ones through self-help groups.

“It will also allow us to continue developing our cultural and transitional photographic courses where stories can be told through images and then exhibited to the public. It is a new initiative that uses this art form to create understandings about a whole range of issues including the stolen generations and significant land sites.”

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