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The Hon. Paul Keating talks to the NNTT on 25 years of native title

14 Sep 2017

​In August 2017 the Hon. Paul Keating, former Prime MInister of Australia, sat down with the National Native Title Tribunal (NNTT) to discuss the twenty-fifth anniversary of native title recognition in Australia. Speaking from his perspective as Prime Minister at that time, Mr Keating provides his first hand recollections.

Mr Keating discusses the crucial negotiations undertaken, during the time bewteen the High Court decision of Mabo #2 in 1992 and the passing of the Native Title Act 1993.

Reflecting on the legislation, Mr Keating describes the Native Title Act as being anchored in a fundamental truth.

To watch Mr Keating's interview, please visit the homepage of the 25 Years of Native Title Recognition website.

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Visit the National Native Title Tribunal website to view the original media release.

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