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Attorney-General Brandis: Government delivers for native title stakeholders

14 Jun 2017

The Senate has today passed the Native Title Amendment Bill (Indigenous Land Use Agreement) Bill, restoring certainty to the native title system.

The Government acted quickly to respond to the decision of the Full Court of the Federal Court in McGlade, which changed the settled law for registering Indigenous Land Use Agreements (ILUAs). The decision put at risk 126 agreements and created uncertainty for thousands of indigenous people and others party to ILUAs.

Throughout this process, the Government has consulted widely and in good faith. All affected parties, including the native title representative bodies and service providers, called on the Parliament to pass the Bill and to do so urgently. That message was made clear to both the Government and the Opposition.

It is therefore disappointing that it has taken the Senate 118 days to pass this Bill – a direct result of Labor’s stalling tactics. The Bill could have been dealt with a month ago: Labor declared they were ready to support the Bill on 11 May, but refused to work an extra day to ensure its passage.

Indigenous Land Use Agreements increase opportunities for native title holders to use their native title rights in beneficial ways, particularly in relation to economic development, and provide certainty for all parties doing business on native title land.

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