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Health Heroes campaign - helping you to become a health professional


Health Hero Lorena Walker is a dental nurse in Alice Springs
Health Hero Lorena Walker is a dental nurse in Alice Springs
13 Jul 2012

Are you an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person who thinks a career in health might be for you? Great! Check out the Department of Health and Ageing’s Health Heroes campaign to help you find the right pathway to reach your goal. The Health Heroes campaign is part of the Australian Government’s commitment to Closing the Gap in life expectancy between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and non-Indigenous Australians and aims to increase the number of people working in Indigenous health.

The campaign encourages secondary students to pursue a career health, in jobs such as a  midwife, doctor, paramedic, radiographer or dental assistant.

The Health Heroes approach recognises that the more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people working in health, the more culturally aware health services will be and more people will access them.

One of the Health Heroes featured as part of the campaign is Lorena Walker, a dental nurse from Alice Springs. Lorena loves educating communities about the importance of dental care.

“I go out bush on occasions with a dentist or a dental therapist. I help in sterilizing and health promotions. I also go out to schools to let the kids know how important it is to brush their teeth, and to have good healthy teeth and gums and to eat healthy.”

“I think that being Aboriginal and seeing Aboriginal patients is a good thing, especially when you get people from communities who come in and are a bit shy or don’t really want to talk to anybody. Just seeing another Aboriginal person makes them feel comfortable. I love it," Lorena said.

Find out more

  • The Health Heroes campaign has the following resources to assist you with finding out about jobs in health:
  • Brochures DVD’s
  • Posters
  • School Kit
  • Career quiz ‘Genie’ Comic Book
  • You too can be a Health Hero!  Visit the Health Heroes website to explore the hundreds of different health jobs available. While there, you can take a career quiz, view stories of real health heroes and order resources.
  • The Health Heroes campaign is just one of many initiatives funded by the Department of Health and Ageing.

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