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Celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children


25 Jul 2013

National Aboriginal and Islander Children's Day, recognised on Sunday 4 August, honours and celebrates the importance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children within family and community.

The annual event has been hosted by the Secretariat of National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care (SNAICC) since 1988, and increases awareness in the wider community of important issues impacting on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.

This year’s theme, “Right Here, Right Now. Our Rights Matter”, seeks to increase awareness about human rights concerns that impact on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children across the country, and their unique rights as First Peoples of this country.

Local events will celebrate children, assist children to better understand what their rights mean and how communities can work together to ensure that all children have the opportunity to live these rights every day.

SNAICC's national launch in Melbourne will form part of a children's day hosted by the Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency on Sunday 4 August from 11am. Everyone in the community is welcome to attend and take part in the cultural activities, fun and games.

SNAICC has developed a range of resources for children and adults to assist local communities to host their own celebrations, including posters, educator’s guides and children’s materials.

A 30-second animation promoting National Aboriginal and Islander Children’s Day is currently screening on Foxtel, NITV, Channel 7, Channel 9 and Melbourne community TV Channel 31. You can also check it out on YouTube.

This year the fourth of August is all about me.

Sometimes we find things tough, like going between two worlds and stuff, so we made a day to celebrate all the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander kids.

Some ways were same. Some ways were different. But my family, my community, my culture, all keep me strong. So can you.

To step up and show you care, visit the website.

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SNAICC is supported by the Australian Government for its contribution to improving the lives of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, a critical component of Closing the Gap.

For further information about National Aboriginal and Islander Children’s Day, the national event and resources, visit or contact Nick Butera, SNAICC Resource Officer, on (03) 9489 8099.

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