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Brett Hill and Sid Michels

Bret and Sid from the AEC WA State Office - Perth

From: Brett Hill and Sid Michels

Location: AEC WA State Office - Perth

Role in community: Brett Hill – IEPP WA State Coordinator, and Sid Michels – IEPP Field Officer

Post on:

13 Sep 2012

Who or what inspires you?

Brett – I am always inspired by my family.

Sid – my inspiration is my family

Where would you like to see your community in the future?

 Brett – I would like to see greater Indigenous involvement in the decision making process of government and community on the design and delivery of policy and services to Indigenous people across all levels of society. To see Indigenous people have a greater say” in” and “on” country, locally and nationally on issues of importance to improve our wellbeing.

Sid – I would like to see more Indigenous people becoming involved in local, state and federal governments, to provide a strong voice for our community and drive the policies which affect our people. With more Indigenous people involved in the decision making process we will be better able to close the gaps between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australia.

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