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Akram Azimi

Akram Azimi

Recognition of Indigenous Australians means acknowledging a fundamental part of our identity and heritage.

From: Akram Azimi

Location: Looma Community, Western Australia

Role in Community: Young Australian of the Year 2013

Post on:

20 May 2013

Who or what inspires you?

My mother: she has sacrificed so much so that my brother and I get a world-class education. The Indigenous people of Looma: for making me feel Australian and so welcome.

Why you think recognition of Australia’s first people is important?

We cannot move forward towards a cohesive future until we have made peace with our divided past. Ultimately, recognition of Indigenous Australians means acknowledging a fundamental part of our national identity and heritage.

More personally, I advocate, shoulder-to-shoulder, with Indigenous Australians because I believe that my fundamental rights and dignities, as an Australian and more broadly as a human being, are inherently tied to rights and dignities of Indigenous Australians.

Any directly affecting Indigenous Australians directly affects me indirectly.

What does reconciliation mean to you?

“Reconciliation” as Dodson has said “is about the blood and flesh of the lives we must lead together not the nuts and bolts of the entitlements as citizens we should all enjoy.”

It is about coming together. Acknowledging the past in way that allows for forgiveness. This will give us all  strength to let go of hope for a better past. Embracing a future where Indigenous and non-Indigenous aspirations are equally realised in all aspects of life. Exercising justice that heals, that proclaims loudly: never again, you are the last generation to suffer so. And as non-Indigenous Australians, seeing Australia through Indigenous perspectives and history and loving our Indigenous heritage as we love our European heritage, Asian heritage, Afghan heritage, your heritage.

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